How to Keep Up with Celebrity Gossip!

Now being able to stay in the know on all the gossip that swarms Hollywood is near impossible, but it’s sure worth a try. It seems as if every time we blink there is a scandal happening with the Kardashians or another royal baby is being born.

Image courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez.

I’ve grown up in a house where movies were constantly played and every night at dinner time E! News and Entertainment Tonight was on. So I caught on quickly by following my idol, Hilary Duff, and keeping up with my favorite family, aside from my own, the Kardashians.

For anyone pursuing a career in entertainment news, or any kind of news, here are some tips and tricks on how to stay ahead of the game and make sure no fake news gets by you.

Social Media

Whether you like it or not social media for anyone in Journalism is a key source of news and it isn’t going anywhere. Social media is a way to directly communicate with your audience instantly.

You need not just one social media platform, you need them all. News is being pumped out all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and now Snapchat. A trick of mine, if I need to get caught up quickly, is to go onto Twitter and look at their trending page.

Screenshot courtesy of myself from the Twitter app.

A trick for Instagram is to follow news account and set up notifications for every time they post. You can also do the same thing for Snapchat, this allows you to know right away when a story has been published to social media.


Last week when the Met Gala took place, TweetDeck became my best friend. Live streams tend to lag, but Twitter does not and this gives you a way to sort through everything, only seeing what you want to see.

TweetDeck allows you to multitask, track trends, follow accounts and hashtags all at the same time. It even allows you to just see tweets nearby.

During the Met, I had the hashtag #metgala up and both E! New’s Twitter account and the Met Gala account. Every time a celebrity left their hotel I saw a picture of it instantly. Here’s what it looked like!

Screenshot courtesy of of myself from

Apple News Notification

We all have an iPhone, but are we taking full advantage of it? I wasn’t, not too long ago I had no idea that Apple made its own news app. Instead of downloading your favorite news apps individually, Apple lets you choose your favorite outlets and puts them all in one place.

Above is an example of some of the outlets and topics you can follow on the Apple News app. This allows you to customize your news, only choosing the channels you prefer to show up on your news feed. Setting up notifications will inform you right away with a story breaks.

Follow E! News

Okay lets be real tho . . .

E! News is arguably the number one entertainment news outlet in the world. The take pride in being experts in all things pop-culture.

E! is the only global, multiplatform brand for all things entertainment, pop culture and lifestyle. We eat, sleep and breathe pop culture, delivering exclusive breaking news and in-depth celebrity coverage, red carpet live streams, TV scoop and spoilers, lifestyle trends and tips, and what’s viral now.”

Courtesy of
Image courtesy of @enews.

They kill every platform when it comes to social media. They paved the way for news on Snapchat with their mini show called “The Rundown,” they are constantly are updating their instagram, and we can always count on them to tell the truth.

They are a one stop shop when it come to everything entertainment news.

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